Teach reuse and cultivation

When teaching phototropism or any other reason to grow plants from seeds, this can be linked to the reuse of everyday items which would normally be disposed of. For example the plastic trays which mushrooms come in can be used to hold the compost (addition of some holes to allow drainage will be needed). Similarly the transparent trays that tomatoes come can be used as a propagator. Further, plastic milk bottles can be cut into narrow strips and used as labels for the sown seed type or owner.


Simple biodiversity practical

Based on a recent article (Souter, 2017) here is a simple practical do be conducted outdoors as a starter activity for a lesson on biodiversity. Students are taken to a suitable location within the school grounds and given the instruction to collect as many leaves as possible in say, 2 minutes. As individuals and certainly as a class it is intended that several species will have been collected. Demonstration of “real biodiversity” in a local and familiar setting.


Souter, N., (2017), School Science Review, 98(364), 11-12.